• I have now been fitted twice (putter and irons) by John from TXG and the experience greatly exceeded expectations on both occasions. The level of detail and care that John took to ensure that my clubs fit me perfectly has been incredibly impactful on my confidence from tee to green and has led to significantly lower scores. Both fittings resulted in purchasing clubs directly TXG and I have been blown away by the continued follow up and post-sales support I have received from John and the extended TXG team. I have and will continue to recommend TXG to golfers of all skill levels as every player will benefit from the experience that TXG provides.

    Michael C.
  • Thank you TXG for a great club fitting. I appreciated Alex walking me through the swing data with my current clubs and helping me get the right setup for my new set of clubs.  The ordering process was simple and I'm confident that my new clubs will be tailored to help my swing.  Can't wait to pick them up!

    Sam B.
  • John bent my putter 2 degrees closed to better match my current stroke and (also being a teaching pro) suggested a few simple swing adjustments to help develop my stroke.  No hard sell, just honest advice to improve my game. At the same time, Cam helped my wife through her first-ever club fitting experience.  Armed with a wealth of information, she landed on a combination that will add 30 yards to her tee game. A slam dunk purchase decision. Amazing experience and superb value - would definitely recommend TXG's high-touch service.

    Kent T.
  • I spent two days working with Alex on a full-bag fit and the experience was great. We looked at my current set, what it was giving me and what I wanted and needed out of new gear. He delivered on all accounts. It was also refreshing to hear him say we didn't need to change every club in my bag, even though I had given him the green light. After a month with the new gear I shaved 4-5 strokes. I'm hitting it higher and longer with more spin, and a tighter dispersion. I can't wait to play a full season with them. I also love that I can go back any time for a gaping session or to have my loft/lie angles checked. Awesome perk.

    Elliot M.
  • My initial fit was to tinker with my irons but since then I've done pretty much everything top to bottom throughout the bag. Cam has seen me through it all as well as Mikey, Alex, and of course, Ian. They truly are there to help and love seeing improvements in your game. The change in equipment over the years has not only addressed some technique, but it has also given me the confidence to play and coach competitively. My enjoyment of golf wouldn't be where it is without everyone there!

    Clark D.
  • I started going to TXG about a year ago; heard about it on Youtube and decided to give it a try. I’ve now been there several times and have worked with my man Alex on fitting my irons, woods, driver and even my putter. The experience has been eye opening! I’ve played golf for over 20 years and I can honestly say that The Tour Experience has transformed my game... and I had a blast while doing it. Thanks to Alex and to all the TXG staff.

    Carlos Z.