Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a low handicap golfer to get properly fit?

100% NO!

Golfers of all skill levels should get fit for their clubs. Just like how you wouldn’t try to run in a pair of ill-fitting shoes, having a properly fit set of clubs will set you up for success and greater enjoyment when on the course.

In most cases of custom fitting, higher handicap golfers cut strokes from their scores faster than lower handicap players due to the extra consistency they gain from their new clubs, when compared to a lower handicap golfer.

What does the TXG club fitting process include?

See “The Tour Experience section of our website.

Am I obligated to purchase anything after my fit?


You are under no obligation to purchase anything that is recommended at the conclusion of your club fitting. We simply deliver the suggested blueprint (golf club specs) and it is up to you to choose whether you would like to purchase any clubs based on the results.

If I order clubs, where are they built?

Unless otherwise requested, every club fit by TXG , is built by TXG in our fully equipped, state of the art build shop in Toronto, Ontario.

Our in-house build shop allows us to control every step of the process to ensure industry leading tolerances, and to make sure the club delivered to you matches the recommended specs from your fitting.

Where is TXG - Tour Experience golf located?

TXG – Tour Experience Golf has two locations in the Greater Toronto Area, and you can find them here on our website: Toronto & Mississauga

How long is the fitting process?

Depending on the type of fitting it will generally last between 1 hour (single club fit: driver, woods, irons), up to 3-4 hours for a full set of clubs.

Note: A full fitting can be broken up into separate appointments at an individual’s request.

How can I schedule a club fitting at TXG?

All of our club fittings are by appointment, and to schedule head over to our booking page to get started: Book A Fitting

Are the prices on your website in Canadian dollars?

Yes – The prices listed on our website for the cost of fittings and for equipment is in Canadian Dollars.