PING G425 – TXG’s Product of the Month

Each month we will be featuring a new product on our blog, starting with the PING G425. We’ll be sharing our review of the product and including one of our professional fitter’s thoughts so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the world of all things golf. 

The PING G425

New for 2021, the PING G425 line of clubs includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. This new model is a great improvement from PING’s previous line, the G410. When it comes to offering the most stable drivers in golf, and for fairway woods, hybrids, crossovers, and irons it’s about improved consistency in spin rates and ball speeds to help golfers play their best golf! 

PING G425 Driver

The PING G425 Driver line offers 26 gram tungsten moveable weight in the Max to offer full adjustability and its highest ever MOI driver to date. The SFT offers a fixed weight, creating a more draw bias driver. The LST offers a lower spinning and smaller footprint of 445cc for the faster swing speed players. 

Unlike the previous G410 fairways and hybrids, the G425’s cup face is one piece, which saves weight from welding, allowing designers to reposition more mass.

Speed & Distance Fairways 

According to PING, the new wood line has been producing a 1.5 mph ball speed increase compared to the previous model, which equates to roughly five extra yards on average. All the extra yardage is great, but for golfers, control of the ball is the biggest issue. The new G425 line now offers Spinsistency! 

Spinsistency is PING’s new complex face curvature design that changes the bulge from heel to toe. More importantly, the roll from the top of the crown to the sole of the clubface tighten the standard deviation of spin, resulting in more consistent results. The performance benefits are especially noticeable on mishits lower on the face, which is where misses commonly occur with both fairway woods and hybrids.


The new PING G425 Iron is offering game improvement forgiveness with:

  • More yardage with added control
  • More stopping power with the help of a patented cascading sole and top-rail undercut combine, to perform like a hinge flexing to launch the ball faster and higher with green-holding precision consistently and predictably
G425 Hybrids

From our videos we have stated that the new G425 fairway woods are a complete game-changer from previous models. With the new technology and improvements, the hybrids have been some of our top fitted models over the last three – four seasons. They are fast, forgiving, adjustable for all types of players and blend well with any set of golf clubs! 

Fitter comments from Cam Kennedy:

Love the black and silver colour scheme!” It looks stealthy and mean, the new back weight in the MAX driver making MOI super high, this driver will be a huge seller for us. It works for a large demographic of players from high handicap to the scratch player, as we see even tour players using the MAX version on tour this year already.

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